About KOFO

KOFO Coffee is dedicated to providing coffee lovers with flavorful tasting coffee while aiming to be as sustainable as possible for the small producers and specialty roasters.

We start by sourcing coffee from small producers and ensure they are paid better than average industry prices. This allows them to focus on the harvest with intention and care so that only the best coffee cherries are selected for harvest in comparison to those producers who focus on the volume and sacrifice the quality by including under or over ripened cherries which ultimately leads to compromised flavors. This approach further allows them to reinvest in their small family run business and ensures their ability to participate in the market dominated by larger producers. 

We use a local specialty roaster who works closely with the producer to select the best coffee cherries and processes them using various methods, including some experimental methods, to develop unique profiles and most importantly - roasted at origin. 

With this approach, and your purchase of KOFO Coffee single-origin coffee products, we reduce the amount of hands your coffee goes through before arriving to you. This contributes to keeping the most value at the country of origin and ensuring the sustainability of small producers and specialty roasters.